Chlöe Goodchild & Barbara Borden!

Chloe April 2016

Chlöe Goodchild & Barbara Borden! on April 30, 2016 in San Rafael, CA : Chlöe Goodchild w/Barbara Borden - Workshop "In the Body of Your Voice"
Chloe will present a joyful, interactive & inspiring workshop to transform you r voice through the power of sound and silence. Joining Chloe will be Barbara Borden, renowned percussionist and teacher, empowering the Naked Voice work by awakening a stronger connection of pulse & rhythm in the body and the voice, thus igniting fire in the belly while celebrating the wisdom of the ages. Be part of this transformative, life-changing and first workshop co-created and facilitated by this dynamic duo.
IN THE BODY OF YOUR VOICE: Discover Self-Leadership through Sound
with CHLOE GOODCHILD: A Naked Voice Workshop
Chloe Goodchild is an international singer, voice pioneer, author, presenter and founder of The Naked Voice. She has made a life-long journey to understand, embody and teach the power of the human voice as sound medicine for personal, interpersonal and transpersonal communication.
The Naked Voice inspires three realms of understanding:
Sound Awareness – living in harmony with your true nature.
Sound Intelligence – creating emotional health and well-being.
Sound Wisdom – transmitting the spirit of compassion.
Chloe's work is fun, interactive including solo, paired, triad, and whole group work, that is confidence-building & transformative.
The purpose of “In the Body of Your Voice” is to give you:
1) A direct & embodied experience of your own authentic voice.
2) Sound principles & practices to integrate your inner-outer life.
3) Transformative vocal tools for healthy & loving relationships.
4) Energy movement practices to embody purpose & presence.
5) A new relationship between silence, speech and song.
6) Empowering practice for self-leadership & conscious communication.
Chloe's instructional audio-books, and online support will be available before, during and after the workshop. You may wish to have a more

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