Bliss Temple Bodywork & Tantra Bodywork

Bliss Temple Bodywork

While the Bliss Temple Bodywork(aka Kundalini  Activation) IS Tantric, as the recipient you are in a horizontal & passive receptive space, rather than sitting up or interactive. We blend our massage styles with full body flowing strokes, moving the energy continuously around your body; deep, strong, light and soft...  Bliss Temple Bodywork is our unique healing, activating, shamanic & holistic version of Hawaiian Temple Bodywork. We invite you to be embraced fully in to "the wings of the Dove"... our wings, with Love.

While you are invited to express your needs before and during the session, here in this session you are encouraged to go on an inward journey to experience the healing more fully and deeply to allow yourself to enter a shamanic tantric trance.

It is the human condition of separateness that has us longing to touch and be touched, without judgment, in unconditional love and acceptance. We invite you to awaken to the love within the sacred temple of your own heart and being, to the Art and Body of Bliss!


Tantric Bodywork

Tantric Bodywork combines the Bliss Temple Bodywork(read above) ~ with various additional active tantric principles. The intention of our Tantric Bodywork sessions is to explore in a mutually dynamic interactive way.

In this experience the client is a loving participant and together we embody Shiva & Shakti, God & Goddess, unveiling and mirroring our divine essence. We will play with many tantric yoga poses ~ beginning by opening our hearts through eye-gazing and dropping into a Ujai Ocean breath (slow deep breathing where you can hear the breath as it flows through the back of your throat), while sitting together in yab-yum(lover's yoga pose).

After dropping into the moment, we will engage in conversation about how the session will unfold and any specific tantric principles that you may wish to experience and learn from. Here I would like to express that our Temple's Tantric Sessions are more experiential than conversational, unless verbal coaching is specifically requested.

We will explain in the beginning how to follow the therapist's breath & gestures. And of course, we will use words when necessary! Yet, it's so nice to dissolve into essence, to escape the mind's constructs, to follow by touch, by tenderness, by intuition, by Spirit, by Love.

Couples Bliss Tantra / Doubles Bliss Tantra

Are you looking for a deeper, richer, fuller experience of lovemaking with your beloved, taking you to new heights of spiritual communion together? Do you feel the desire, the yearning for more adventure in your sharing of your love?

Couples Bliss & Tantra sessions are about cultivating the Art of Intimacy, with your heart, your body, your hands, your eyes, your entire being; spiritually, physically, emotionally, ecstatically.

Are you looking for a delicious new experience of feeling all of your senses and chakras activated while being massaged from head to toe by four hands? ...If so, then a Doubles Bliss/Tantra session is an exquisite sensual massage journey not to miss! Surrender to the capable hands of two women.

Let us guide you on your journey through the gates to Holy Love Source!