Bhakti Jade


 Hello Beloveds,
I’m Bhakti -- a devoted Goddess of the Arts. Growing up I was quite the body enthusiast, always playing or dancing. When I found Tantra and recognized my body is also my vehicle for Spiritual enlightenment I felt such gratitude! What a gift we get to experience all of the Cosmic Bliss within the parameters of this human vessel..So..
Take a deep breath and relax into your chair. Wherever you are and whether it is your first appointment or your tenth, thank you for taking the time to visit me here.. and thank you for making your heart, your health, and your happiness a priority.

My personality is sweet and effervescent. My mind is sharp and clear. My Spirit is awake and adventurious. I have a soothing soul and a warm embrace to share.. Always in gratitude, I'm often resting in wonder and curiosity at how beautiful Life truly is. I take great care in cultivating Loving Kindness for myself so that my cup is always running over into the lives of those I meet.

I believe by healing our bodies and minds we experience a deeper connection to our own Spirit and Source.. to Love.
I am here as a guide and a muse. Allow me to create the perfect healing experience for your journey back to your Sat Nam --back to your True Identity! With my calm and grounding voice we will shift into the receiving state of surrender and meditation, and through my heartfelt, intuitive touch we will allow your body to find it’s natural state of comfort, ease, and bliss. The more we open and say Yes to the gift of being here, the more pleasure and ecstasy we cultivate in all areas of our lives. My sessions will channeled for whatever the present moment is asking of us, that may include yogic movements, reiki, song, loving touch, or pranayama.
It is my absolute joy to share my personal gifts with you. It is my heart’s deepest prayer that you can experience and know the perfect Love that is within your own Being. I look forward to co-creating something magical with you.
Yogini - Yoga Practitioner for 10 years
Yoga Instructor for 3 years
Licensed Massage Therapist for 8 years
Goddess of the healing arts 7 years
Reiki Master/Teacher
Shamanic Studies with Sacred Plant Medicines for 4 years
Temple and Ritual Dancer
Tantric Course: Completely Femininty - Agama 2017
200 hour Tantra Facilitation Course with Tribal Tantra - 2017