Bella Bianchi

Body Bliss


All beings are connected through love. Every soul’s heart is connected to the One Heart.

I am here to help you realize your true potential and to energetically release that which does not serve you. We only have so much space in our bodies and we can either choose to fill it with love and light or negativity and darkness. While it is important to give thanks to darkness for helping us to appreciate the light, we must intentionally strive to be in a constant state of motion towards the light.

If you tune in you can feel an intense shift towards a more feminine energy on a cosmic level, and I am here to guide you towards that warm, glowing, light.

My goal is to shine love into all of the darkest corners of your being and to help energy move throughout all of your sacred chakras so that you leave the temple feeling more connected to yourself, others, and the universe.

Holy Love Always,

Bella Bianchi, or “BeBi” for short