Awaken The Goddess Within

Awaken The Goddess Within on September 25, 2016 in West Covina, CA : Embody and express the Goddess energy from within..Rejoice in the experience of allowing your relationships to flourish as your heart opens and shines the nourishing divine energy of love in its true expression.
Discover the true meaning of what it is to be a woman in full beauty and what you can bring to the world with this knowing, in your own unique expression!
Some of the themes we will explore and heal through ancient practices, transmissions and other processes:
• Sexual healing and health at a physical, mental and emotional level
• Natural goddess beauty and expression of your sensuality and eroticism
• Feeling comfortable in your own body
• Sacred ecstatic dance, ethnic dance and kundalini yoga
• Hieros gamos or sacred union ~ relationships from a divine perspective in the path of christed consciousness
• Creating the love relationship that nourishes your heart
• Ancient egypt and isis, gnostic christianity and mary magdalene and pistis sophia in the context of mystical union
• Harmony and balance between powerful shakti and devotional bhakti
• Sisterhood, motherhood and triple goddess, caretaker of all life
• Integrating your light and shadow aspects
• Sacred womb, menstruation and blood mysteries
• Sexuality as a healing practice to heal yourself, your partner and the relationship between you both
Each session includes accompanying text and transmissions that you will be able to receive from home between meetings in order to deepen your training. The transmissions includes logos (word) and healing sound to provide greater transformation.
One time payment of $595 ~ OR ~ 3 consecutive monthly installments of $220 ~ OR ~ Early Bird $555 (14+days prior to 1st class).
In person dates: Sun Feb 28th, Sun Mar 27th, Fri Apr 15th, Sat May 7th,
Sun Jun 12th, Sun Jul 31st, more

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