Angels, Anunnaki & ET Visitations


Angels, Anunnaki & ET Visitations on February 18, 2017 in , CA : Angels, Anunnaki & Extraterrestrial Visitations Webinar
featuring Tricia McCannon
In this stunning visual presentation Tricia McCannon, historian, researcher, contactee and renowned clairvoyant takes you on a journey into the inspiring world of the Shinning Ones, how they are linked to the biblical visitors of ancient legend, the war between the Gods, and the titans who once tried to rule the world.
This presentation will address the higher vibrating ethereal messengers who act as Spirit Guides for those of us who are currently living in the third dimensional realm, showing real photographs and video of both ethereal Angelic beings as well as ETs. Join us as we begin to untangle the historic link between these two groups and how it came to be made, as well as how this information has become embedded into our theology, and how it is affecting us today.
What Will Be Covered:
★ Where do angels come from and how do they operate?
★ Are they physical beings or inter-dimensional messengers who can appear or disappear at will?
★ Are they from another planet, or from a higher dimensional realm?
★ What is the difference between an angelic being, and an extraterrestrial visitor?
★ Photographic evidence of giants and ferries.
★ Why the archaeological evidence of these beings has been repressed from humanity by the global elite.
★ How are these beings connected with the legends of giants in the Earth, and the stories of the ET visitors called the Anunnaki or the Anakim spoken of in the Old Testament?
Thank you very much!
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Webinar featuring Tricia McCannonWHEN:Saturday February 18th 12:00 PM - 3:00 PMWHERE:ONLINE
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