"One of the absolutely most memorable musical experiences in a very long life of musical experiences!" Karin Pine.

Amritakripa has been a staple at the Bakti fest since its inception. However the kripa band has now grown to become a highlight of the festival, with their midnight trance dance groove set. KISS OF BLISS is Amritakripa’s 3rd release in a series of ground breaking albums in the world of Kirtan. From their first recording MOTHER’S GRACE, Kripa and Robbi began uniquely blending cultures and instruments such as harmonium with the Saraswati vina, African and Turkish drums, saz and oud, and chop sticks on bottles and pans. Amritakripa’s second album DANCING LOTUS is considered by many to have been innovatively and musically way ahead of its time in the Kirtan world. With Amritakripa’s love for sacred dance it was only natural that the traditional kirtan forms would begin to dissolve into the deep grooves of an ecstatic trance dance evoking the spirit of Gabrielle Roth.