Aleah Rose

Body Bliss


On Break

My name is Aleah Rose and I want to share a little about myself and my passion with you. 
First and foremost, I am a wanderer dancing & healing through life. From temple dance in Guatemala and India, to medecine ceremonies in Mexico and Peru, to learning massage in Thailand, to practicing reiki on remote islands and to fully immersive trainings in Bali; I have learned, taught, loved, and experienced much in my time. 
Between my travels,  I have found myself living in Hawaii, Canada, and in the different wildernesses on the Pacific Coast experiencing nature in Her fullness deepening my connection to Pachamama and as a result, fully integrating and anchoring my healing practices. 
I am trained in cranio-sacral therapy, reiki, massage, belly dance, tantric dance, aerial arts,  and yoga therapy. I am passionate about blending my many different backgrounds into one love infused session. 
As a vessel of the divine feminine it is my desire is to lovingly take you on a sacred journey in seducing all the senses... to awaken your essence by weaving and expanding energies... to bring consciousness into every breath, the dancing cycles of fullness and emptiness... to playfully explore deeper connection... to achieve an ecstatic state of existence in every cell of your body... and to rediscover that place where the mind is at ease and where only Love has power.
My blended love offerings: 
  • Tantra Meditation & Tantric Bodywork
  • Cranio-Sacral Therapy ( Cranio-Sacral therapist) 
  • Reiki and Energy healing 
  • Aromatherapy
  • Cuddle Therapy
  • Private Yoga & Meditation (Certified Yoga Teacher)
  • Dance therapy