A Evening with GuanYin

Embracing The Art & Power of Guanyin

A Evening with GuanYin on January 27, 2017 in San Jose, CA : A Meditative Concert, Contemplative Art Exhibit and Joyful Reception with Master Yuan Miao
Experience an unforgettable evening designed to awaken the heart and attune the subtlest layers of mind with the power and compassionate maternal energy of Guanyin.
Accompany Master Yuan Miao on an ecstatic journey of the heart. Immerse yourself in her mystical mantric voice and feel the vibration of sacred Guanyin “hair-stitched” yantras embroidered according to ancient tradition using strands of her own hair.
These sacred sight and sound “meditations” serve as contemplative vehicles capable of transporting individuals beyond the confines of language, concepts, religion and culture. They transmit the heart wisdom of Yuan Miao's venerated Himalayan Dakini lineage - ancient wisdom for a modern world.
Yuan Miao's dynamic mantric voice offers a spontaneous heart-opening flow of Sanskrit, Tibetan, Chinese mantras and primordial sounds that attune, harmonize and promote healing of the subtle body and mind. Accompanying her will be a diverse ensemble of extraordinary “sound healing” musicians: Heather Powers – Keyboard, Guitar & Vocals,
Jason Henson – DJ & Vocals, Alex Perez – Vocals & Percussion,
Eddie Young – Bass, Cello & Flutes, Christo Pellani - Percussion
This tapestry of rhythmic sound and sacred mantra reverberates with love, oneness, and the auspicious energy of the universe - joyous to the heart, quieting to the mind and uplifting to the soul.
Art Exhibit
Hair yantras or hair embroideries, are traditionally believed to have originated in China during the Tang dynasty (618-907). The embroidery of delicate hair requires not only extraordinary precision and finesse, but also great devotion.
According to Himalayan tradition, because of her spiritual attainment and authentic heritage, Miao's hair, collected for more than a decade, carries the potential to transmit the essence of her dharma lineage. Her sacred hair yantras are ...read more

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