Lila Rose


Lila has always stood out from the crowd – In substance, style and appearance, she has never been average. Born with “ultra sound sensitivity”, Lila’s experience of the world around her has been quite out of the ordinary, and very much sonically based. Lila is both blessed and afflicted with sounds that most people cannot hear; while this is a gift when it comes to making music, it can also lead to great personal discomfort at times.

Lila Rose began her ascent to music stardom seven years ago in her native Toronto, Canada. Two singles with producer Pete Prilesnik (Great Big Sea, Ashley MacIsaac, Sarah Harmer) earned Lila some attention, however a small northern California tour in 2008 led Lila to what would become her second home, and the launch point of the next phase of her career. It was there, in her new home base in the San Francisco bay area that Lila released her first EP, Osmos Your Sonica in 2009. In 2012, Lila released her full-length album, Heart Machine, which she co-produced with David Earl (AKA LogicNinja.) The album has received a plentitude of reviews and press from around the world, and continues to expand as this independent artist is quickly garnering more attention.

Most recently, Lila won best bay area musician in the East Bay Express, and also won ‘best in show’ for the Oaktown Indie Meyhem contest in 2013.

So many artists sell themselves on the honesty of their art, but Lila walks the walk every single day. A spiritual soul, she works to make the world around her a better place, both in what she says and what she does. Besides her spiritual commitment, Lila is a strong advocate for LGBT issues, animal rights, and environmental issues.

The new full length album, WE.ANIMALS. produced with band member Daniel Garcia (, is now complete. Ready for release in the spring of 2015, the album is a bridge between Lilas’ music, and her love for the Earth and its’ inhabitants. The album has a new feel to it, given the influences of this new collaboration. Using mostly all live instrumentation, the album offers an even more raw and edgy sound, as well as perspectives on the world around us. Keep your eyes and ears open for singles, videos, and tour dates coming early fall 2014.